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Lex Kelly

Lex Kelly - SOHO Fit Personal Training - South Tampa
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Certified Personal Trainer | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

How long have you been in fitness and can you describe your journey?

I have been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for about 7 years. I started as a young athlete, later to complete my first Bachelors and Masters degree in Exercise Science. Staying active in weight training and running has always been a big part of my life. This past year I completed my first marathon, I am looking forward to completing another!

What made you want to get into fitness coaching?

I decided to get into fitness coaching because saw how strength training and running had such a positive impact on my own life and I wanted to share that experience with others. As a kid growing up I’ve always had a need to help others. With the dual education I have earned in exercise and a nutrition degree, has allowed me to best help others navigate through whatever fitness goal they may have.

You’re an accomplished trainer, what made you also want to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Being a personal trainer I always found nutrition to feel like a hidden gem. I took online courses, certification classes, had some nutrition classes in both my Bachelors and Masters but never felt like I had enough information to help the clients I was training when they asked about nutrition. Again with the need to best help others, I went back to school for my second Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and earned my Registered Dietitian License. This has allowed me to aid clients who are wanting to take their fitness to the next level and really dig deep on establishing a healthy metabolism, building muscle and body composition transformations.

What is a success or highlight in your fitness career that you’re particularly proud of?

Current client I have has lost 17 pounds in a 3 month time span, A1C level has lowered by 3%, no longer considered a type 2 diabetic and off his insulin medications through exercise and diet!!

What are some things that you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to go to the beach and swim with my Golden Retriever Myla. I love to be outside in the sunshine any chance I get doing activities like kayaking, hiking or even a long walk!

If you had one piece of advice for a client who is transitioning to a new trainer and possibly deviating from their comfort levels, what would it be?

A change in perspective will be a night and day experience moving forward in your fitness journey. You should be proud you not only saw that you needed to make a change but you also took the leap to do something about it because not everyone does this! Try to look at every challenging moment as an opportunity to grow and be better. Keep showing up for yourself. Being uncomfortable is a clear sign of growth.

What are some of your special skill sets and things that your clients should
know about you?

I have been very lucky to have work experience in many diverse settings and have worked with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. While attending Coastal Carolina University for my first college degree I worked as the Club Sport Manager assisting student athletes. I was an Elementary school Physical education teacher for Hillsborough county for 2 years working with children grades 1-5. I also have experience working in a clinical setting in the Hospital as a Registered Dietitian. As well as, personal training in different gyms with clients of all ages older and younger.



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