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Jordan Ding

JD White, Personal Trainer at Soho Fit Tampa - South Tampa Personal Training Fitness Studio
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Jordan Ding

At-Home Personal Trainer

How long have you been training?

I’ve been training clients for over 9 years but have been in sports and fitness
arena since I was a teen playing sports.

What made you want to get into fitness coaching?

As a kid, I was always active and enjoyed sports and was fascinated by the body
and how actions and activities can make your body change. I love sports and
played 2 years at a junior college for baseball then played at FAU Division 1
baseball. I’ve always wanted to become a fitness coach because I fell in love with
working out and the journey it took for me. My older brother is also a trainer and
I’ve always looked up to him as he was a few years ahead of me in sports and
personal training.

What is a success or highlight in your fitness career that you’re particularly
proud of?

I’m proud to have helped over 10 clients lose 50lbs plus and hundreds of
others gain muscle and get in their best shape. I’ve trained numerous student-athletes as young as 13 and seniors (up to 82 years old), have trained special
populations such as folks recovering from strokes and other injuries, and helped
others meet fitness objectives and goals they have set in their lives like getting
fit before their wedding day and many other fitness milestones. Also, I
just love helping people and helping them find their fitness.

What are some things that you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to play sports outside, fish, go to the beach, and hang out
and meet new people. I love the Lightning, the Bucs, the Rays, and really watching
and playing every type of sport. I am an avid pickleball player and love to coach
others on pickleball and bring new people into the sport. It’s fun and a great way
to stay active.

If you had one piece of advice for a client who is transitioning to a new trainer
and possibly deviating from their comfort levels, what would it be?

For everyone looking for a trainer, I recommend you ensure you find a quality
trainer with a background in fitness, education, and experience, who really
understands the body. It’s very important for the best results that your trainer understands how to train you specific to your fitness goals. Other advice is to just
get going. The hardest thing to do in starting your fitness journey is to just walk
through the door the first time and get going. Once you start working out and
seeing changes you’ll fall in love with the process.

What are some of your special skill sets and things that your clients should
know about you?

I am an A+ pickleball player and play in tournaments. I love and am good at
baseball and if your goal is to get ripped, that’s my specialty. I am also one of
Sohofit’s at-home trainers that are approved to train clients at their home or
community gyms, as well as the Sohofit studio.



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