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For over a decade SOHO Fit has been helping our clients across Tampa achieve fantastic results in our private South Tampa fitness studio! Whether your goal is losing weight, toning, and gaining muscle or just better overall health, our trainers have the programs and training to help you achieve your goals.


Team of expert
Personal Trainers

Our trainers are career Personal Trainers who went to college for health and fitness studies and have been personal trainers their entire careers. We will help you get fit and stay fit while balancing your busy professional and personal lives.

In-Studio Personal Trainer

Tyler Ding

JD White, Personal Trainer at Soho Fit Tampa - South Tampa Personal Training Fitness Studio
At-Home Personal Trainer

Jordan Ding

In-Studio Personal Trainer

Allison Hoyos

In-Studio Personal Trainer

Erik Jarry

Erin DeMarines
In-Studio Personal Trainer

Erin DeMarines

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5 Star Reviews

I’m so glad I found SoHo Fit. This is a private, state of the art gym with excellent trainers. Tyler is very knowledgeable and always flexible with my scheduling. This place keeps me committed to staying active.

2 months ago
Emma Fontaine

My experience at SoHo Fit has been great! This place has been the best personal training experience I’ve had. Tyler Is very knowledgeable in his field and makes every session enjoyable! I highly recommend Tyler and Soho Fit.

3 weeks ago
Nixie Vorndran

A great personal training experience! I’ve had many different personal trainers in the area and have either been inconsistent or had an old injury flare up - Tyler makes sure neither happens! Each session is fun and motivating, after a couple months I have seen and felt the difference. Highly recommend.

a month ago
Nehal Patel

Ben has been great with communication. But what makes our experience great is Jordan’s ever-pleasant personality and his ability to tailor every minute of our training to not only our needs but how we are doing that specific moment. We are making great progress in just 5 weeks and are looking forward to many more.

2 weeks ago
Sriram Sundaramoorthy

I absolutely love Jordan as my trainer. He is very knowledgeable, on time, dependable and knows his work very well. He motivates you, and knows how to make your workouts fun, while getting your body in the best shape! He got me back into working out as I had stopped for awhile, and was worried and intimidated about getting back into the gym, he got me right back in and feeling great. I would 💯 recommend him as trainer!

3 months ago
Isabella Marafioti

Huge fan of SOHO Fit. I train with Jordan and he has been great. Extremely knowledgeable and personable. He’s been great at adapting to my needs and has great recommendations for my specific goals. He always follows up to see how I’m feeling and sends reminders the day before. Could not recommend enough 10/10

a month ago
Jack Gerber

Tyler at SOHO Fit is incredibly knowledgeable about workout plans and tailored my fitness routine to perfectly align with my goals. His expertise has not only improved my strength and endurance but has also made my fitness journey enjoyable. I highly recommend Tyler for anyone seeking a skilled and supportive fitness trainer.

1 month ago
Joey Mane

Jordan is the best trainer I’ve ever had! I have been training with him for 6 months now, he is very professional, and has helped me achieve all my fitness goals! Training sessions always involve something new and are exciting! I would strongly recommend Soho Fit to anyone!

a month ago
Iva Valeri

Jordan is amazing. We look forward to our training sessions every week. He always gets us doing difficult sets with a pleasant smile 😊. I feel like we have come a long way in 5 weeks and this has made us stronger with our running goals. He also tries to adapt the training sessions based on how we feel. I appreciate his follow up texts after every session! Thank you Jordan and SoHo fitness 👍

2 weeks ago
Lavanya Gopal

I recently had an exceptional experience at Soho Fit Tampa, notably with my personal trainer, Jordan. His expertise and dedication significantly enhanced my fitness journey, offering a personalized and motivating approach to each session. Under his guidance, I've seen remarkable improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall health. Jordan's passion for fitness and commitment to client success truly sets him apart. The facility at Soho Fit Tampa, combined with Jordan's professional guidance, has made a lasting impact on my approach to health and wellness. I highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and effective environment. Thank you, Jordan, for your invaluable support and for inspiring a positive change in my life.

3 weeks ago
Scott Ward

Soho Fit is the best private personal training studio in Tampa, period. There are several trainers to choose from and each of them are excellent. I currently am training with Jordan and he is very attentive, accommodating, and has gone above and beyond with assisting me in my fitness goals. The studio itself is extremely clean and well kept, there’s a very wide selection of gym equipment so there’s something to accomplish everyone’s goals, there’s water and towels that are offered and the location is great as well! Well worth the rate and I couldn’t recommend Soho enough. Ben the owner is extremely knowledgeable and I feel comfortable going to him with any questions that I have. 10/10 fully recommend!

a year ago
Katie Keene

Best gym! In just four weeks of training with Tyler I am feeling and looking the best I ever have! Thank you SoHo Fit!!!

3 months ago
Matthew Neuberger

Obsessed with this gym! It's the perfect combo of boutique gym but has legit everything you need, plus new stuff to try and mix it up. I had some weight to lose when I came to the gym and was a little intimidating, but the gym is private and I was able to workout just me and the trainer with no one else around. It helped me so much through my process of getting fit! Tyler and Erin are awesome and they tailored my workout to what I want to focus on and helped me get results! I'm so happy with my body and can't say enough great things!

1 month ago
Victoria Levy

Great gym and amazing location. If you prefer individual attention from a knowledgeable trainer that can help customize a workout that’s best for you that will give you the best results for your effort, this is the place for you!

2 months ago
Edwin Mar

Beautiful gym in a great location! High energy professional & knowledgeable trainers on top of phenomenal management. If you are looking for a new gym family in S Tampa, look no further. You have found it!

1 month ago
Tiffany Cooper

This is my first personal training experience and it has exceeded my expectations. Tyler is great and the gym has everything you need but is small enough that it’s not overly intimidating. The body scanner was also helpful in tracking progress.

1 month ago
Bea McConnell

Studio Personal Training

Soho Fit Personal Training Studio specialize s in 1-1 personal and small group training sessions to help you achieve all your fitness goals. Finally, a personal training studio designed for you.


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Soho Fit brings the certified personal trainer, equipment and workout to you – at your home


Corporate Wellness

Soho Fit's Corporate Wellness Programs are highly customizable based on the needs of the organization but can include both personal training, yoga instruction and even massage therapy.



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