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Erik Jarry

C e r t i f i e d


Certified Personal Trainer

How long have you been in fitness and can you describe your journey?

I have been passionate about exercise and fitness since I was a kid. Growing up in New York, I was a high school and college athlete, playing multiple sports including Division 1 lacrosse in college. I have always loved the art and science of fitness and pushing your limits to become stronger mentally/physically.

What made you want to get into fitness coaching?

I am passionate about health and fitness and I truly enjoy helping others at all fitness levels with their fitness and wellness journey. I know what being fit, happy, and healthy can do for you and I have always believed that if I possess any helpful knowledge about exercise or nutrition, I want to spread that as best I can and have a positive impact on others.

What is a success or highlight in your fitness career that you’re particularly proud of?

Over the years I have so many instances of helping clients lose weight and feel better. Helping folks improve mobility and overcome health issues as well as gain confidence and genuinely start to enjoy working out, are some of my proudest moments as a trainer. One recent moment was when a new female client started training with me and explained she hadn’t felt comfortable in a swimsuit for many years. We set a goal to change that and get her feeling and looking good. After some time training consistently, she left for a vacation to the Caribbean and when she returned, she showed me her vacation photos and she was happy, confident, and feeling great wearing her swimsuit. That made me incredibly proud and reminded me why I enjoy training.

What are some things that you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy being active of course, anything with the outdoors, music festivals and concerts, and absolutely love traveling and seeing new places. I’m pretty handy so I like home improvement / small construction projects as well.

If you had one piece of advice for a client who is transitioning to a new trainer and possibly deviating from their comfort levels, what would it be?

My advice to someone just starting out is to believe in themselves and honestly, don’t think too much – just do. I find that the biggest hurdle that people have to start a fitness routine is thinking too much through it, psyching themselves out with all the reasons why it won’t work or “I will start next week”. All we need you to do is walk through the door and I will take it from there, help you establish routines and accountability, and get the ball rolling.

What are some of your special skill sets and things that your clients should
know about you?

I am currently attending classes at UT for my masters in Exercise and Nutritional
Sciences. Every day I’m learning more and more of the latest in exercise and nutrition and applying this to my clients. I am certified in personal training, nutrition, and life coaching. I am also an avid skier, love golf, and randomly and good at DIY projects.



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